Our Vision and Mission…

Climate change is accelerating and the impacts will be severe.

Using proven coaching practices, InsideOutAgile helps climate tech companies to respond to this urgency with greater agility – from the inside out – by balancing speed, trust, and safety.

Traditional organizational structures and behaviours have developed and perpetuated power-over dynamics and such top-down, control-oriented ways of working paved the way for the current climate crisis – new models are required to address it.

Using an Integral approach to organizational structures and behaviours, InsideOutAgile effectively reduces the need for overhead and management systems like work mgt; people mgt; and team mgt.

These new structures are supported through individual and team coaching to empower and enable individuals to meet the environmental, social, and profit demands of the business with greater ease, wellbeing, and agility.

Combining 20 years of direct and hands-on high tech experience (working on the front line delivery as well as in management and senior leadership roles) with extensive professional coaching development (Integral Coaching Canada, ICAgile, Collective Edge, Strozzi Institute) – InsideOutAgile creates organizations that are self-managing, empowering, resilient, creative, and adaptive.

These organizations attract and retain diverse, high-performing, and passionate individuals by enabling them to fully deploy their skills, ideas, knowledge, and unique lived experiences to the realization of the organization’s mission.