InsideOutAgile offers systems and leadership coaching for environmental and social impact mission driven organizations. All together we co-create the sustainable, self-managing, and purpose-evolving organizational systems, practices, and interactions needed to support achieving your goals.

Combining 20 years of direct and hands-on private sector experience (including: delivery, management, and senior leadership) with extensive professional coaching and systems thinking development (including: Integral Coaching Canada, ICAgile, Collective Edge, Strozzi Institute); InsideOutAgile unlocks value in your organization by developing the individual and collective context required for your organization make a meaningful impact in the world. By extension, we also minimize the level of corporate governance and management required to run your organization effectively – freeing you to focus on what truly matters most.

In short, the old ways of thinking, being, and doing that got us into this environmental and social crisis are not going serve us well as we work together to get out of it. Teal problems (like climate change) need Teal organizations and Teal leaders to address them – this move to Teal requires a shift into wholeness (whole people, whole teams, whole organizations, whole communities, whole world) like no other. Let’s do this together!