InsideOutAgile offers coaching and consulting services for Lean and Agile organizations seeking to develop greater capacity for organizational change from the inside out. These services include:

  • Delivery Team Based Facilitation (e.g. retrospectives, planning / estimation, etc.)
  • Leadership Team Based Facilitation (e.g. establishing vision, nurturing culture, effective decision making, mediating escalations, prioritization sessions, etc.)
  • Coaching and Mentorship for Leaders – offering coaching and mentorship programs for emerging and developing leaders (e.g. Executives, Directors, Managers, Technical Leaders, Scrum Masters and Product Owners)
  • Training and Workshops – development and delivery of training and workshops aimed at supporting and growing your Agile journey
  • InsideOutAgile’s approach is to take a holistic and integral view to Agile adoption and growth.

InsideOutAgile also works within the Integral Coaching, Integral Agile, and Lean / Agile Coaching community. Working to connect, engage, and advance our understanding and embodiment of organizational change. InsideOutAgile is happy to partner with talented, experienced, and compassionate people from these communities.

For more information or to schedule a consult, please contact us.