Leadership Coaching and Enablement: Canadian Federal Crown Corp

Services Delivered – Leadership Coaching and Enablement

Key influencer – moving agile adoption “beyond the delivery team” by enabling leadership to embody and act in alignment with increasing levels of agility in the organization.

Trusted advisor – used Integral as well as Agile models for evolving a culture of learning. Actively worked with leadership, agile coaches, as well as human resources to reveal what the current culture “shuts down” – advising on targeted actions to support the way forward.


“Caroline has a knack for connecting with people and a wealth of professional experience to draw on when doing so. She uses these assets in a highly effective manner to drive meaningful change in individuals and teams, inspiring them not only to make change for the better, but to understand why it’s important for themselves and for the organization. Caroline’s passion for her work as a coach is much more than a job to her and it’s evident in how much she puts into everything she does. Her approach to enable and educate others has resulted in an impact that lasts beyond her time working with us.”

  • Director of Enterprise Enablement

The Story

When I joined this organization, it was seeking customized training and coaching for agile leaders. I set off to connect with agile teams as well as leaders within the organization as coach. This work continued throughout the engagement and coaching topics included: 

  • Working with and influencing leaders towards agile “mindset”
  • Developing trust and safety as an internal leadership concern (e.g. how leaders show up and develop trust and safety)
  • Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master / Team Coach working relationship – establishing healthy boundaries
  • Developing team goals aimed at improving agile delivery (e.g. balancing short and long term concerns)
  • Working with and coaching unproductive / negative / highly critical team members; improving team engagement
  • Aligning demands for firm plans “from leaders” with agile planning – relationship and results co-creation

Beyond this coaching work, I also set forth to collect data from leaders as well as agile teams in order to better understand how agile leadership is currently experienced within the organization. 

Using a blend of quantitative and qualitative data, I created a customized agile leadership developmental model and leadership workshop. My ongoing work surfaced key leadership capability gaps that were experienced by agile teams: Vision & Strategy; Customer Focus; Sustainable Productivity. I additionally drew in aspects of culture dynamics (and the key role leaders play) to reveal metaphors that would support moving from “current way of being and doing” towards a “new way of being and doing” that would embrace the learning culture required to support a more agile way of working.

Feedback offered from training participants and coachees alike supported that they felt deeply seen and supported throughout the engagement. Blending knowledge, experience, and encouragement – leader to leader – coach to coach – I created space where leaders and coaches alike could take in and put into practice the ideas proposed.