Leadership Coaching

InsideOutAgile offers coaching and mentorship for individuals seeking to grow their team building, management and leadership skills within Lean and Agile organizations. Our approach to coaching is to work from the inside out – seeking to build the skills within the Coaching Client that will in turn create the opportunity for different outcomes in relation to the client’s topic. There are two paths possible – depending on the scope and urgency of your topic:

Intensive Coaching Program

  • Intended to offer a more intense experience for clients seeking to engage in smaller shifts as it relates to their topic. The program will also be tailored towards making progress achievable within a shorter time frame.
  • Remote* Session Cadence: Weekly 60 minute sessions
  • Duration: ~2 months
  • Pricing: $3500 (CDN) + HST

Full Coaching Program

  • Full coaching programs allows for exploration of the topic in greater depth and the topic proposed may indeed evolve over the course of the program. Integration of practices and real embodiment becomes possible with focused engagement and partnership over several months (rather than weeks). This offering is for clients who are keen to significantly shift their way of being in order to achieve sustainable and lasting transformation.
  • Remote* Session Cadence: Bi-weekly 90 minute sessions
  • Duration: ~6 months
  • Pricing: $5500 (CDN) + HST

As you consider becoming a Coaching Client, it’s important that you understand what this adventure involves. In this spirit, the Coach is offering…

  • Professional coach with over 20 years of first hand experience with being part of and leading successful Lean and Agile teams. Blending professional coaching with deep experience in the fields of Lean and Agile Engineering, Management, and Leadership – the coach is offering to work with you on a related topic that deeply matters to you; one that you have likely had difficulty making progress and / or sustaining progress to date.
  • A customized Professional Integral Coaching Program that is tailored to meet you right where you are and takes you through cycles of development that progressively enable you to make meaningful and impactful progress on your topic. The coach will be focused on the development of skills and competencies – working to shift the Coaching Client’s relationship with the topic beyond thinking and into authentic and courageous embodiment.

For more information or to schedule a session please contact us.

*All remote sessions occur using Zoom platform (https://zoom.us/) – a reliable internet connection is all you require. Coachees located in Ottawa have access to in person meetings.