Who is InsideOutAgile?

Caroline Sauvé – As a software developer, manager, consultant, speaker, facilitator, img_1034.jpgteacher, mentor and coach – I have spent the last 17 years helping teams and individuals to deliver high quality incremental solutions. These skills have been grown through first hand experience with delivery of software solutions within product organizations as well as going through the school of hard knocks that is software services consultancy. During this time, I have worked both on the front lines of software delivery as well as in management and executive leadership teams of successful companies. For more information, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Throughout this time, I have honed my own skills – spending time both inside and out of my work day to establish a strong foundation for helping software teams to deliver value. As such, I would consider myself a deep generalist – one who is able to gain rapid and insightful understanding of the context and people building the solution. Meeting teams and individuals where they are at – we then work together to build a system and to develop the skills required to operate as an engine of strong and skillful iterative delivery and execution.

On my own time, I am continually growing my coaching skills and have successfully completed Professional Integral Coaching certification with Integral Coaching Canada as well as Agility in the Enterprise professional certification with ICAgile.  Whether speaking or facilitating sessions at conferences or offering insights through this blog – a foundational value of InsideOutAgile is to create connections, build capabilities, and share ideas towards creating a more respectful and compassionate work and life.


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