Group Coaching: Leaders’ Circle

Leaders’ Circle is a free one hour group coaching session focused on self-development for new and emerging leaders in Agile organizations.

Welcoming high potential leaders at all levels – Executives, Directors, Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Technical Leads, and Product Owners – each session is carefully crafted to create a safe space where participants can explore unlocking their distinct leadership potential.

Past Session: The Cult of Busy-ness – See Blog for summary

  • The coaching session will begin by covering foundational concepts and guidance for prioritization and work flow – establishing a Lean & Agile lens.
  • Participants will be invited to explore their “current way being” surfacing patterns. assumptions, and behaviours that draw them into the “Cult of Busy-ness”.
  • Taking a step back, participants will then be invited to define a “new way of being” establishing next steps for action and exploration as it relates to their distinct leadership demands.
  • Group participation will be invited and we will work together to establish a safe space for sharing during our time together.

When: 12pm – 1pm (EST) on Thursday, May 16th 2019 – DONE, next session date TBD

To register for the next session*, please provide your name and email address below.

*All sessions will be run remotely using Zoom platform. Your registration will be confirmed when you receive an email calendar invite from InsideOutAgile with the Zoom link information for the session. InsideOutAgile respects your privacy and will not use your contact information for any purposes other than connecting you with this event.

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