Coaching is about bringing focused attention to what matters to you… developing and shifting your capacity to take action for what you care about – creating a more balanced, meaningful, and integrated way of being.

This can include such topics as…

  • Aligning intent (e.g. my goals) with embodiment (e.g. how others receive, react, and engage with my goals).
  • Nurturing a purposeful and intentional work life balance.
  • Establishing clarity about “what’s needed” in my role (e.g. scaling, delegation, collaboration, vision, purpose, etc.).
  • Working with stressful situations (e.g. navigating conflict, working with difficult people, etc.).
  • Personal and professional leadership and coaching topics like…
    • offering impactful feedback
    • developing my unique leadership / coaching style and voice
    • speaking courageously, nurturing confidence
    • facilitating collaboration, building an effective team
    • how to influence with authenticity
    • breaking through silos, nurturing better communication and collaboration across boundaries
  • Your own topic… something that deeply matters to you that you have struggled to make progress with on your own.

Once you have a topic in mind (or indeed several topics in mind), don’t hesitate to reach out for a free discovery session – this is a one hour session with a coach and might be all you need to unblock your topic. Alternatively, we can also opt to proceed with continued sessions within the context of a program and these can take two forms:

Intensive Coaching Program

  • Intended to offer a more intense experience for clients seeking to engage in smaller shifts as it relates to their topic. The program will also be tailored towards making progress achievable within a shorter time frame.
  • Remote* Session Cadence: Weekly 60 minute sessions
  • Duration: ~2 months

Full Coaching Program

  • Full coaching programs allows for exploration of the topic in greater depth and the topic proposed may indeed evolve over the course of the program. Integration of practices and real embodiment becomes possible with focused engagement and partnership over several months (rather than weeks). This offering is for clients who are keen to significantly shift their way of being in order to achieve sustainable and lasting transformation.
  • Remote* Session Cadence: Bi-weekly 90 minute sessions
  • Duration: ~6 months

As you consider becoming a Coaching Client, it’s important that you understand what this adventure involves. In this spirit, the Coach is offering…

  • Professional coach with over 20 years of first hand experience with being part of and leading successful Lean and Agile teams. Blending professional coaching with deep experience in the fields of Lean and Agile Engineering, Management, and Leadership – the coach is offering to work with you on a related topic that deeply matters to you.
  • A customized Coaching Program that is tailored to meet you “where you are at”. The coach then partners with you to take on actions that progressively enable you to make meaningful and impactful progress on your topic.

For more information or to schedule a free discovery session, please contact us.

*All remote sessions occur using Zoom platform ( – a reliable internet connection is all you require. Clients located in Ottawa have access to in person meetings.