Professional Integral Coaching Opportunity

As part of ongoing training towards my Professional Certification with Integral Coaching Canada, I am seeking volunteer coaching clients.

This opportunity will give you the ability to work on topic that deeply matters to you. As this will be a topic that you have had difficulty making and/or sustaining progress in to date, we’ll work together to explore new approaches towards building more successful outcomes. Logistically, the participant will be engaging in a coaching program of 4-5 months, meeting for 60-90 minutes every 2-3 weeks (5-6 sessions in total).

In particular, I would be very interested in exploring building leadership skills and competencies with individuals working within a lean and agile organizations and teams. I would also give a strong preference to Ottawa based clients as face-to-face interaction would be best (though I am able and willing to take on remote clients as well). All meetings would be taking place outside of business hours and I can support early hours, evenings or weekends for our sessions.

If you are a person who could benefit from this experience, please contact me via my contact page – it would be my pleasure to share more details of this opportunity with you.