Looking for a coach? I’m looking for two volunteer clients.

After years of reading and practice in various capacities, I’ve decided to finally take the plunge into formal training as a professional coach. It’s with a humble heart that I will begin this training in February with the team at Integral Coaching Canada. As part of this training, I am seeking two volunteer clients to join me on this path starting in late February.

This opportunity will give you the ability to work on topic that deeply matters to you. As this will be a topic that you have had difficulty making and/or sustaining progress in to date, we’ll work together to explore new approaches towards building more successful outcomes. Logistically, each participant will be engaging in a coaching program of 4-5 months, meeting for 60-90 minutes every 2-3 weeks (5-6 sessions in total).

In particular, I would be very interested in exploring building leadership and team building / management skills and competencies with individuals working within a lean and agile organizations and teams. I would also give a strong preference to Ottawa based clients as face-to-face interaction would be best. All meetings will be taking place outside of business hours and I can support early hours, evenings or weekends.

If you are (or know) a person who could benefit from this experience, please contact me via my contact page – it would be my pleasure to share more details of this opportunity with you.

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